About our Company

  •  In 1990s, the first iDaybreak Grill Restaurant was born in Whitby, Ontario. At first, iDaybreak Grill only had a tiny place and few staff. However, all of them tried their best to serve customers with the best home made products and a sweet warm environment to our neighbourhood.

  •  Today, several decades had past, iDayBreak Grill already became one of the most famous breakfast restaurants in Durham Region. But our service concept has never changed: always provide the best quality food and services to our neighbourhood.

  •  Currently, iDaybreak Grill has become a great place to enjoy breakfast and lunch with your friends or families. At iDaybreak Grill, you can enjoy a wide range of breakfast or lunch choices that are prepared from quality ingredients and significant services.

  •  iDayBreak Grill is growing up rapidly, with a number of new stores has been established, you can enjoy iDayBreak Grill everywhere soon!