iDaybreak Grill Appealing Advantage:
→ Work smart instead hard → Single shift operation – 7 days a week 7am. – 3pm.
→ limit labor cost, prefect staff & owner shifts → High quality food which is fresh, tasty, healthy recipes.
→ Excellent income, the best net profit than any other full-service restaurant. (over 25% net profit in system) → Strong advertising, Marketing Campaign, Website, Promotion.
→ Professional support on operations design, real estate, training and business management.
Franchise Information:
→ Initial Franchise Fee: → $25,000
→ Royalty: → $250.00 - $1,000.00 per month
→ Advertising Fund Contribution: → Up to 1% of Gross Sales to advertising fund
→ Initial Term: → 10 years or initial term of the lease of the franchised premises, whchever is less
→ Renewal: → Additonal 10 years term if satisfies conditions for renewal
→ Lease: → The Applicant will be required to enter into a lease for the franchised premises with its landlord.
→ Average Restaurant Size: → 1000 - 2300 sq.ft
→ Average Build Cost (including equipments): → $50,000 - $200,000
→ Working Capital: → $30,00 - $10,000
The iDaybreak Grill Franchise includes:
→ Location selection/negotiation → Initial Site Design/Concept
→ Hire contractors/engineer/architect → Up to four weeks training prior to opening
→ Hiring and Training staff → Business/Food Preparation training
→ Two weeks training during opening → Store opening assistance
→ Equipment training and maintenance → Exclusive territory
→ Use of all iDayBreak Grill manuals, menus, and etc. → Brand awareness
→ Advertising and Promotion → Ongoing Business Support and Development
→ Operation quality control



Thank you for your interest in joining the iDaybreak Grill family. There has a significiant consistently improved we had for the past over 5 years, everything is being developed and our operations into the successful. Now, we are starting offering the successful profitable concept to public!.
Let the proven concept help you build your bright future..
If you are looking for a unique business opportunity through WORKS SMART or one shift operation, this will be a significant chance for you right here!
Click here to download the iDayBreak Grill Franchising Package